“Trump has not yet presented to us a strategy for success in Afghanistan and in Syria."

“When the president sends American troops into harm's way, those men and women, their families, and the American people deserve clear authorization from Congress, a robust debate in Congress, a strategy that outlines the path to success, and, at the moment, I am concerned that we have none of those three.

“When it comes to our military, I'm not here to criticize the President or disagree with my colleagues across aisle – I'm here to work with them so that we can do our best to provide our troops with the strategy, the resources, and the support they need.

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“I want them to succeed.  We all want them to succeed. But what does success look like?  How do we define success? That requires a strategy. What are the national interests we are defending and advancing on these battlefields? We have to have a conversation between the branches, executive and legislative, about what our goals are in Afghanistan and in Syria and what it will take to achieve them.”