A crystal ball reveals famed mentalist The Amazing Kreskin will perform at the Milton Theatre.

A crystal ball reveals famed mentalist The Amazing Kreskin will perform at the Milton Theatre. The shows are Friday and Saturday.

Kreskin is known for offering to perform for free if a patron can keep him from finding his paycheck, hidden in the building. Out of 6,000 tries, Kreskin said he has failed only 10 times. This weekend he will be put to the test again.

In December, the New Jersey mentalist released his latest book, “In Real Time.” The book, his 20th, includes visions where he predicts what will happen in times to come.

Kreskin, born George Joseph Kresge, wowed the audience last year in Milton as he read minds.

Q How would you describe “In Real Time”?

A It’s my intuition of how I think things are going to change in the months, years, decades and centuries to come – not only in this country, the western world, but around the world. I wrote it with a lot of serious thought, but it’s not written in concrete or anything like that, that it’s absolutely going to happen. But I feel strongly it is.

Q What’s one of the predictions?

A The question I’ve been asked is how long I feel the war [on terror] is going to last. I am not a negative person. I’m a very positive person, but I don’t believe there’s a human being alive today that will live to see the end of the war.

Before people say, “Gee, that’s negative,” you better start studying history. I say this to students in college, because we’re not studying history. We can learn from it as we’ve been warned. The longest wars in recorded history have been religious wars; just start studying all the way back to ancient Rome.

Q Regis Philbin penned the foreword in your book. How did that come about?

A He’s seen me perform many, many times. Sometimes when he and his wife do a concert, they do concerts now in theaters, if I’m in the area, he has me come on stage sometimes because we’ve become close. He understands what I do and believes very much in what I do. He offered to do it and I thought that was the neatest thing.

Q When you have visions and peer into the future, does it ever make you feel anxious or afraid?

A Yes, it does. In 2001, I was on CNN. It was Jan. 1 and I said, during an interview, “I don’t know why the hell I’m saying this, but I think in September of this year there could be a disaster involving two airlines.” Well, a couple days after 9/11 I’m interviewed by the FBI. They said, “What made you say this?” and so forth. I don’t know.

Q What will audiences experience at your shows in Milton?

A There was someone I knew very well. He was a very fine and prolific writer not known by the general public. His name was Walter Gibson. He created a character called The Shadow, which became a very famous radio series. The Shadow had a gift of invisibility through some hypnotic powers and the criminals couldn’t see him. I’m going to duplicate The Shadow on stage in my show.


WHAT Amazing Kreskin

WHEN 8 p.m., Friday; 2 p.m., Saturday

WHERE Milton Theatre, 210 Union St., Milton

COST $30 to $40

INFO Visit pcade.com or call 684-3038