Followers oblivious as water nears a boil.

Given GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s systematic escalation of extreme rhetoric over the past few months, it would not surprise me if, some time down the road in his campaign, he declares that he will abolish Congress upon his election.

His followers, like the proverbial frogs in a pot of water where the heat is constantly turned up until they are boiled, will bow in blind allegiance to their chosen God and savior.

Trump is a skilled showman who would put Clark Stanley to shame. Stanley, known as “The Rattlesnake King,” peddled his own brand of snake oil to settlers in the late 1800s and early 1900s, until his concoction was shown to be worthless and he was exposed as a fraud.

Trump has built his career manipulating people; a master at telling them what they want to hear and offering the gift of a promised land. Here, warm yourself in this bath, drink a bit of my elixir and just let me take care of everything.

It’s not your fault that the country is a mess, the economy is languishing and you can’t get ahead in your job he tells his narcissistic followers. No, it is because our government is doing nothing about those Mexicans crossing the border illegally, and I will build a wall to keep them out. Problem solved. Turn up the heat in that water.

Worried about terrorism? That’s because our government is weak. Come to me and I will make you safe. I will ban Muslims from entering our country, create a database of those already here and monitor mosques. Problem solved. Turn up the heat in that water.

Don’t worry about an overly aggressive Russia. I will take care of Vladimir Putin. I’ll also take care of Iran, and any other country that thinks it is better than us. Problem solved. Turn up the heat in that water.

His strategy has worked so far. Slowly ratcheting up rhetoric and taking people from rational to extreme in small, incremental steps that precludes them from realizing the water they are soaking in is getting hotter.

The one thing he has not capitalized on yet, however, is people’s distrust of Congress. Trust of Congress is at all-time lows, and the inability of the House and Senate to carry out the most basic functions of their jobs is something people complain about all the time. Don’t worry, I can hear Trump saying, I’ll take care of that. Elect me and I will abolish the Congress. And while I’m at it, I might as well get rid of the Supreme Court too because we all know that body has become nothing more than a panel of activist judges who all too often make laws instead of carrying out their duty of defining them. Two branches of government eliminated with one shot. Problem solved.

That, of course, would make him a dictator, fully capable of suspending the U.S. Constitution and carrying out his racist and bigoted agenda.

What are those bubbles popping to the surface in the tub of water? And isn’t it getting a bit uncomfortable?

Don’t worry. Trust The Donald.