The following is a public notice regarding an upcoming issue to be discussed at the Nov. 16 Milford School District Board Meeting:

Milford School District
2015 – 2016 School Year
Waiver of Student – Instructor Ratio Requirements and Division I Unit Staffing Requirements
Section 1705A, Title 14 of the Delaware Code states in part “The ratio of students to instructors in any class in kindergarten or grades 1-3 in a Delaware public school shall not exceed 22 students as of the last school day of October.” Section 1704, Title 14 of the Delaware Code further states “Each local school board shall allocate Division I units to schools in its district such that as of the last school day of October each school receives not less than 98% of the Division I units it generates as a result of the actual unit count.”
While most district classrooms meet the class size requirement and the district strives to fully staff each building based upon units earned, facility constraints, budgetary constraints, and an objective of maintaining consistency in student class assignments will require the Board of Education to consider a waiver provision to these requirements at the November 16, 2015 Board Meeting. Public comments regarding this potential waiver provision may be made in accordance with Board Policy 8503 Public and Employee Participation at Board of Education Meetings. Written comments should be directed to the Superintendent no later than five days prior to the November 16, 2015 Board Meeting.