Zeng Qing Zheng works at Integrity P.C. Computers, owned by Edward Trumble. He rewards students with discounts who show proof of academic achievement.

Students in Kent County have one more reason for getting good grades and making their way onto the honor roll.

If they manage to achieve academically, they can take their broken cell phones or tablets to Integrity PC Computers on Greentree Drive, owned by Ed Trumble, and see his colleague Zeng Qing Zheng to get them repaired for free.

Zheng says he is simply looking for a way to reward good students; the only proof he needs to see is a report card. He is available at the shop Monday through Thursday.

Why do you offer discounts to students with good grades?

I try to believe every family has at least one good student.

That’s why I put up my money on this thing to do. I’m so happy every time I see a good student bring their report card to show me.

What kind of repairs do you offer?

I work with any kind of cell phone.  I also fix gaming systems such as Xbox, or Wii. I replace cracked screens and broken cameras. The only thing I don’t fix is televisions.

What kind of discounts do you offer?

At the Dover location labor costs are free. The parents just pay for the parts. Let’s say the part is $35 and the labor is $40. The parents will save $40 if their student is an honor roll student.

In Dover labor is completely free, but I’m only here Monday through Thursday.

Why did you go into computer repair?

My sister used to have three desktops and one month they stopped working. She first decided to put them in the basement. Eventually, by learning from the Internet I was able to fix them.

After that I became more and more interested. When people would go [out]… I just stayed home and learned.  I figured I could do a lot of different things because people always need help with their computers.