B&J Pressure Washing

You could say that Bob Hice runs one clean business.

Hice bought a pressure-washing business from a Felton couple in 2004 and has been knocking mold and everything else dirty from homes in the area ever since.

His business is B&J Pressure Washing. It was called that when he bought it and he’s stuck with it all of these years due to name recognition – plus, he jokes, he still has hundreds of business cards to get rid of.

Hice, a native of Ohio, decided start his own business because, after retiring from the Air Force in 2003, he couldn’t find a job or the proper fit with a company in the area.

So, he figured, why not go to work for himself?

“If you work for yourself then you’re really the only person you have to answer to,” said Hice. “Now that didn’t sound too bad. But it is a lot of hard work and you do have to stay motivated.”

Tell us about your business and how it began.

It got started because I retired from the Air Force in 2003. I was looking for a sales job since I’d been a former recruiter and thought I was highly qualified, but nobody wanted to hire this old veteran for a sales position. So I was looking for something else to do and this couple down in Felton was selling this business so I thought the timing was right, it looked interesting and I could do the work for myself. So I bought it and I’ve been doing this ever since.

Is this a year-round business?

I’m willing to work year-round, but it slacks off to about nothing in the wintertime. But I’m willing to work if the temperature isn’t too cold out.

What kinds of services do you provide to your customers?

I pretty much do just home washing, deck, patio, driveways, sheds, fences – pretty much just exterior power washing, whatever it is you need.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a business owner?

I guess motivating yourself to keep at it and stay busy and get the job done, because when you’re your own boss it’s too easy to take a day off or time off, so staying motivated to get the work done is probably the biggest challenge.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

I don’t think I’ve ever received any business advice, but I could offer some advice to a lot of people looking for work that can’t find work. It’s not too much to get a paintbrush or something and get a business card and put an ad in the paper, go get a license and start your own business. Whatever it is you do, I’d say take your best hobby or whatever it is you have a passion for and turn that into a business.