There was no shortage of exhibits highlighting the importance of the environment at the Delaware State Fair and Saturday was no exception.

At the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Fun House of Science visitors were exposed to the different impact humans have on the environment as well as key outdoor attractions in Delaware.

Bridgette Myers, 9, from Camden, who had just finished competing in a Lego building contest, was most fascinated by the informative display about the Delaware Bay shore.

“I enjoyed it because I like the beach,” she said.

An equally popular destination at the fair was the butterfly exhibit. Traffic at the exhibit was nearly non-stop; with a line so long visitors weren’t even sure where it began.

This was the first time the exhibit has made an appearance at the fair. It was presented by “The Butterfly Encounter,” a company based out of Spring Hill, Florida.  The owner, Jason Lurie, said representatives from the Delaware State Fair heard about his exhibit and asked him to come to Delaware.

He agreed because he thought residents need to know how important butterflies are.

“It’s nature—they feed us,” Lurie said. If it wasn’t for butterflies and bees we would have no vegetation.”

Due to the popularity of the exhibit he plans on making it larger next year.

Ava Gallo, 7, from Harrington had a good time watching the butterflies, but her objective during the trip was showing off her pet sheep, Leila, on Tuesday.

“Last year I showed sheep with my dad and really liked it so I’m showing again this year,” she said.

In another corner of the fair the Delaware Beekeepers Association gave a crash course in beekeeping. John Osoinach, a member of the association, said the group is trying to help the struggling insect.

“You’ve probably heard there is a lot of pressure on honey bees these days—that they’re declining,” he said. “We think beekeeping is a very valuable way to help keep the population of honey bees up. So we certainly want everybody that’s at all interested to think ‘oh yeah I could have a couple of hives of honeybees.”