Dave Moses of Dave's Road Bikes got his start in the road bike business because he had to find a type of exercise other than running.

“I began officially in 2008, but I was working on bikes long before that, more or less as a hobby,” he said. “I was a long distance runner and still am, but was told I needed to cross train into something that wasn’t such a pounding on my body.”

Moses’ small shop on Forrest Avenue in Dover is neatly packed, literally, from floor to ceiling with high-end bicycles and the parts and equipment he uses to tune the performance machines.

Moses and his wife, Cecilia, who also is a long-distance runner, run the business with Cecilia, two employees and Reggie, a friendly boxer/pit bull mix.

Moses also is a member of Dover city council’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Subcommittee, through which he’ll be offering free clinic on bicycle safety, proper bike riding and bike maintenance later this year.

Why did you start your business in Kent County?

What we saw was a lot of bike shops either run for kids or who were just in the business of selling bikes. There wasn’t anything out there catering to the adult health and fitness aspect of it. We’re not a kid’s bike shop, we don’t sell skateboards or kids’ bikes.

What is the most unique aspect of your business?

I think it’s our focus on fitness, and our dedication to the goals of our clients. Word has gotten out about who we are and what we offer. We take a lot of pride in being the best fit shop in Kent County, and we find a lot of clients come from out of the county.

Why is good customer service important to you?

With a lot of bike shops, when you buy the bike and walk out the door, that’s where the relationship ends. With us, when you leave, that’s where our relationship begins. We’re not just about selling bikes, we’re about people meeting their health and fitness goals through biking. We value the relationships we build. And we don’t just deal with clients here in the shop, we go out to different cycling events and support them there. Seeing people achieve their health and fitness goals is the biggest reward for us.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

It’s to focus on the goals of our clients, not the sale. If we help them achieve their goals, they will be long term clients who will bring others to us.