All Kent County residents should, thank, commend and applaud the many organizers, churches, volunteers and donors who supported Code Purple.

Code Purple established, staffed, and supplied nine sanctuaries in Kent County, which sheltered the homeless among us on nights when the temperature was below 32 degrees.

What a triumphant project it was! It should be called “Code Compassion.”

The Kent County locations, mostly churches, provided beds, blankets, food and basic supplies to thousands of our homeless during those bitter cold winter nights.

But they did more than that. You see, through efforts like Code Purple, Dover Interfaith Resource Center, and other resource centers that assist the homeless, we send the clear message: Many people care whether you make it, whether you “bounce back.”

In so doing, we provide a boost to self-esteem, inevitably damaged by homelessness, and we provide a little more momentum for the homeless to seek jobs, “get back to life” and become productive members of our communities.

With warmer weather here, Code Purple is not currently active, but you can bet that planning for next year’s “community improvement project” Code Purple is well underway.

So when you hear the call for volunteers next fall, improve your town, support Code Purple.