The Riverfront Theater in downtown Milford has its projector ready to go and a new 12-by-16-foot screen installed.

And now, it finally has a movie.

“The Avengers” will be the first movie shown in the “Movies at Riverfront Theater” series. The first screening – in Spanish – will take place on March 20. The English version will show March 21. Both start times are 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7) and tickets are $5. The venue is at 2 South Walnut Street on the south bank of the Mispillion River.

“A number of people have come to me and said there’s nothing for kids to do in Milford and seniors can’t afford to go see the movies,” said Bob Connelly, the building manager for the theater. “For $5 a head, this should allow most people to be able to stay near home and be able to watch the movies.”

“The Avengers” marks the first movie shown in the Riverfront Theater since it opened 34 years ago. There will be concessions – including popcorn – available during the movies.

The Riverfront Theater is known for live productions, thanks to its main tenant, the Second Street Players community theater group.

However, Connelly wanted to increase the theater’s presence when live performances aren’t taking place. He believes that showing around 10 movies a year will help to complement stage performances.

“Our movies will be second-run movies,” Connelly said. “We simply can’t afford to get licenses for first-run productions. That’s the big thing.

“My motivation for this is to let people know that the Riverfront Theater is there and we do plays there. At least once a month somebody says to me, ‘There’s a theater in Milford?’ Showing movies will give us more opportunities to answer that question.”

Connelly stressed that live entertainment will remain the first priority of the Riverfront Theater.

“Believe me, the Board of Directors has made that very clear to me,” he said. “We’re a live theater. This is just something that will help bring some more attention to that and will serve to complement it.”