Free online tax filing sponsored by the state and nonprofits.

By filing taxes yourself, you can keep your whole tax refund.

The state, along with nonprofit agencies Stand By Me and the United Way of Delaware, sponsors a free electronic tax filing service. The “My Free Taxes  Delaware” website allows taxpayers to file their income tax from home or from a library. Visit

Here’s part of their checklist for everyone in the household:

•W-2s for each job held in 2014 for each working person

•1099s for other income (unemployment, Social Security, state tax refund, gambling winnings, contract work)

•1098s showing payments on school loans, property tax, etc.

•1095-A for credit from

•Income/interest statements for savings accounts and investments

•Bank account number if you want direct deposit of the refund

•2013 tax return (if you have it)

•Name and taxpayer number from Social Security card, also for children and relatives in your care; date of birth; relationship (son, daughter, mother, etc.)

•Current address (it may be different from employment records)

Additional items could bring a larger refund:

•Childcare cost: names, address, tax ID or name of the child care provider

•Business expenses and assets: if you are self-employed or have a small business

•College loans or scholarships, college or university bills (Forms 1098-T/1098-E)

•Donations: List contributions and amounts, receipts for contributions over $250

•Vehicles: Auto sales tax, personal property tax for each car, total miles driven for the year and/or total miles driven for business

• IRA: Amount contributed to an IRA and value as of Dec. 31, 2014

•Renters: Amount of rent paid last year

•Educators: school supplies and materials used in the K-12 classroom

•Homeowners: Mortgage interest (Form 1098), real estate taxes paid, statement of property tax payable in 2014

For more information or to get started filing, go to