The mysteries surrounding high school can make for a frightening time for any student who is residing in the eighth grade.

The mysteries surrounding high school can make for a frightening time for any student who is residing in the eighth grade.
Right now, those eighth-graders are the kings and queens of Milford Central Academy.
However, next year, they will be lowest of the underclassman when they attend Milford High School.
It’s that huge adjustment that made Milford High officials decide to hold the school’s inaugural Freshman Expo at the school last Thursday night.
It was there that secrets were revealed, such as how to get around the high school’s winding hallways, how to sign up for athletic teams and clubs, and what kind of academic programs are offered at the high school.
“We feel like we can offer just as challenging, if not a superior, academic environment as any school around us,” said Shawn Snyder, Milford High School’s curriculum specialist.
The eighth-graders, numbering around 100, seemed relieved they got the opportunity to have some of their questions answered.
“It’s really good,” said Jarrah Felton, who is currently an eighth-grader at Central Academy. “It’s really educational and everything. I’m kind of nervous. I worry the most about getting lost when I get to high school.”
The Freshman Expo began with Milford High Principal David Carter welcoming the eighth-graders in the school auditorium and imploring them to “Ride the tide of Buccaneer pride.”
Snyder then let them know of the types of courses the students could take in the high school. He noted that if an upcoming referendum passes that they would be the first graduating class at the proposed brand new Milford High School.
Kelly Green, the assistant principal, also spoke of the many things the school offers that the eighth-graders and their parents might not have known about, such as a Wellness Center
“We’ve been talking a lot and doing a lot of surveying and questioning of students and parents of eighth-graders about why and why they aren’t staying in the district,” Snyder said, “and a lot of the reasons that they are saying they are leaving for aren’t based on facts, they’re just based on perception.
“For example, one of the things that parents have told me time and time again, ‘I’m taking my kid to Sussex Tech or Polytech because they offer better academic classes.’ Well, actually we offer more AP [advanced placement] courses than either Polytech or Sussex Tech combined. We have a higher pass rate on almost all AP classes.”
Following the welcome and introduction the eighth-graders got a chance to attend breakout sessions. They went to the gym to find out about academics that are offered, to the library for information on athletics and activities, got the opportunity to talk to current Milford High students in the cafeteria and learned more about the nurse and Wellness Center in the lobby.
The evening was capped with pizza and drinks in the cafeteria.
“It’s really nice,” said Stone Davis, who is currently an eighth-grader at Central Academy. “There’s a lot of stuff where they show you what you can do at the school when you get here….It’s a little scary because it’s a new school and all of the other people that go here.”
After last Thursday’s Freshman Expo, maybe it won’t be quite so scary after all.