The Delaware State Fair isn’t until late July, but now is still a great time to head to the state fairgrounds in Harrington.

The 49,000-square-foot Centre Ice Rink offers indoor activities if the weather outside is not inviting.

For those who like to skate, the Harrington rink has public skating every day of the week.

“It’s a great way for families [or] boyfriends and girlfriends to come out and skate,” said Jeff Grable, the rink’s general manager.

If you’re looking for a more intense option on the ice, the Centre Rink also hosts a men’s ice hockey league

“We’re always looking for people to come out for the men’s leagues,” Grable said. “It’s a growing league and we’d love to add as many players as we can, so we encourage anyone to come out.”

For those who aren’t too steady on their skates yet, the Centre Ice Rink has you covered. They offer several skating classes and lessons on how to play ice hockey.

Grable said skating or learning to play hockey are both great activities to get involved in because they differ from virtually every other sport out there.

“[Hockey is] a different sport. It teaches younger kids how to compete. It’s not like soccer or basketball, where you just put your shoes on and play,” he said. “You have to have patience and the determination to grow. You have to learn how to play; you have to learn how to skate. It’s the determination and the follow-through that can be extremely rewarding.”