Smyrna resident Selina Francis has always been the family photographer who took all the photos at family events.

However, it wasn't until she met a photographer of newborns that she realized her life's passion. With a love for babies, the idea of becoming a newborn photographer just clicked.

“I just knew that that's what I wanted to do,” Francis said.

For four years, Francis has specialized in newborn and maternity photos. She also takes photos of babies up to a year old. After previously sharing a space with a photographer friend, Francis opened her own studio off Glenwood Avenue in Smyrna in February 2014. She then moved her studio to its current location off U.S. Route 13.

What's the response to your business been like?
It's amazing. I have photographed people from Pittsburgh, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Believe it or not, I don't do as many people that are local as I do people from upstate and downstate. A majority of my clients come from the Wilmington or Hockessin areas and at the beach. I guess I'm in a good location because I'm kind of central to both places.

Why did you choose to open your business in Kent County?
Because a majority of my clients are from New Castle County and Sussex County. I live in Kent County, so I'm right in between; it's the perfect location.

What do you like about working in Kent County?
It's very close to my house and my child's school. I can do a newborn session in the morning and then volunteer at my son's school in the afternoon.

What's the best business advice you've received?
To specialize in your brand of photography. You see a lot of photographers who do everything from newborn sessions to weddings to family pictures and school pictures to sports pictures. They can learn all that generally, but they don't absorb and know the trends, and what's going on in a specific industry. When you specialize, such as I do, in maternity and newborn photos, I know what's going on and the poses that are in. I study just newborn and maternity photo trends and it makes me stand out from the crowd for those things.