You're probably wondering why on earth you need this specific blender the Vitamix S30 when you can just get any old blender at your local superstore.

Well, tl;dr it's really the best.

For starters, you can make pretty much anything in the S30 so that saves you the hassle of having to get multiple devices for making different things. (Not to mention the money.)

The beauty of the S30 is that it comes with two containers: a 20 oz. and a 40 oz. option depending on what you need that day. With the smaller container, you'll be able to make yourself a quick blended kale-slash-fruit juice (or smoothie, or shake, or whatever you're feeling for a quick meal) and immediately flip it and take it to go. A total time saver, and it makes just enough for one person.

On the flip side, with the 40 oz. option you'll be able to make something a bit more substantial, and for multiple people. Think garlicky tomato sauces for pastas or butternut squash soups in the winter. All you need to do is swap out the top.

Another great element about the Vitamix is that it cleans itself (yeah, you read that correctly).

Although that's not something most people consider when they're picking out a blender, it's certainly something that comes to mind when you're finagling with a janky blender's blades, trying to clean out the remains of your soup. Think ahead, here.

From the engineering perspective, the S30 comes with an interchangeable blade base that attaches to both containers easily, and a powerful motor that can crush even the toughest substances even ice cubes.

Vitamix users swear by the blender's durability. So instead of having to buy a new blender ever year or so, just one, well-made blender is certainly worth the investment.

Full Specs:

5-year warranty Comes with 20 oz. and 40 oz. containers Variable speed control Pulse Features 790-watt motor Full color recipe book 14.55" tall by 5.9" wide

You can get yourself a Vitamix at Amazon here for $428.85.

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