Veteran Sean Mace talks about Eden Hill Medical Center and what sets it apart in Kent County.

When Sean Mace graduated from high school and went on to community college, he had a career in the U.S. Air Force in mind more than becoming a corporate executive.

Trained as a radiologic technician, he spent four years in the military, before earning a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and a master’s degree in business administration.

After 10 years at Bayhealth Medical Center, where he had become a manager in the radiation oncology department, Mace took a job with Surgical Associates in Dover and started work on turning part of the former Eden Hill Farm into today’s Eden Hill Medical Center.

The center opened in August 2008 and Mace now serves as its vice president and chief operating officer.

Despite its size, most people are surprised to find that Eden Hill only has four employees, Mace said.

“Within the building itself there are 26 individual offices/businesses that, combined, employ 325 employees, including more than 60 physicians,” he said.

Q What is the Eden Hill Medical Center all about?

A Our mission is to provide a center of excellence to Dover and central Delaware. Approximately 2,200 people walk through our doors daily to see any number of medical specialists. Our medical-mall model boasts 17 physician offices, an ambulatory surgery center, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, walk-in medical aid unit, prosthetics and a café. It combines the finest medical specialties in one location to provide patients and the community with an efficient and convenient means to receive most of their health care needs. This facility aids in attracting new physicians and specialists to our area, enabling patients and their families to remain closer to home for their medical needs

Q What is the most notable impact Eden Hill has had on the residents of Kent County?

A We’re providing a multi-specialty facility where convenient quality care is delivered close to home in an efficient and professional manner.

Q Why did you establish a medical center in Kent County?

A We opened in Kent County because the physicians and specialists that provide care here live here and they are dedicated to serving the residents of central Delaware. The close proximity to Bayhealth Medical Center made it the ideal location.

Q Why did you get into this business?

A I’ve worked in a clinical role for 20 years as a radiologic technologist and radiation therapist before making the leap to the business side of medicine. I feel my clinical experience gave me a superior ability to interact with and understand medical professionals and help them be successful and achieve their goals.

Q What do you like most about doing business in Kent County?

A It’s simply the people. Our customers are the reason we exist and I enjoy the opportunity to interact with many of my fellow residents.

Q What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

A Not to just hear, but be an active listener.


TITLE Vice president and chief operating officer, Eden Hill Medical Center

AGE 48

HOMETOWN Mt. Carmel, Pa.

CURRENT RESIDENCE Dover since 1994