BlackBerry's earnings for last quarter are out.

It's a beat. The stock is up at least 10% pre-market.

Here are the most important stats:

$3.1 billion in cash and investments Revenue: $966 million (down from $3.07 billion a year ago) Earnings per share: $0.04 "Recognized hardware revenue" on 1.6 million BlackBerry phones 2.6 million BlackBerry phones sold through to end customers (includes shipments made and recognized before the quarter)

BlackBerry has been going through a transition since last fall. Since its new mobile operating system BlackBerry 10 failed to resonate with consumers when it launched in early 2013, the company has decided to focus on its core enterprise users.

However, the brand is still popular in some emerging markets like Indonesia, so the company is leveraging that demand by releasing new devices in those markets. One such device is the is the BlackBerry Z3, which launched in Indonesia last quarter.

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