Go ahead and type "LuvInABarnyard.org" into your browser: We swear it's safe for work.

Why? Because you'll be directed to NBC's homepage. Ditto with CocoaJuggs.com and NiceBooby.net.

NBC owns dozens of shadow URLs that it's forced to buy because it has mentioned them on one of its shows, reports Gizmodo's Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, who did some digging on the matter.

Sketchy sounding domain names come frequently from NBC's 15-season show, "Law And Order: SVU." In season 9, one of the detectives pulls up a suspect 's bank account to see what he spends his money on, and all those websites are on the list. Because of that fleeting appearance, NBC needed to buy the URLs. Its properties now include "thebaronmuchhumpin.com."

The AV Club has a list of a bunch of other NBC-owned domains, too, which are worth checking out if you want a laugh. 

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