A new product called the Shakoolie lets you booze in the shower with ease. 

Unlike the typical foam beer koozie, the Shakoolie includes a "launch pad" attachment that essentially creates a cupholder for the shower. 

The adhesive-backed launchpad is made of velcro, and attaches to the shower wall. The koozie also has a velcro patch, which makes the whole thing pretty ingenious.

The product costs $9.99 and comes in fun versions, such as one that says "it's my shower, I'll booze if I want to." 

But Instagram user mck916 points out an even more diverse use for the Shakoolie: He uses it to keep his hands free while playing darts.

By this logic, you could use the Shakoolie anytime you want to enjoy a beverage while keeping your hands free. 

Get one here. 

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