AGE 32
FAMILY Husband: Christopher Voshell; Son: Greyson
EDUCATION Undergraduate degree from Wesley College; masters degree from Wilmington University

Courtney Voshell, Dover High School's assistant principal, began her teaching career Dover High school in 2003. She left for two years in 2005 to teach in Georgia, but later returned to Dover High School. Since returning, Voshell has left the classroom and moved into an administrative role as the assistant principal. The Dover Post caught up with Voshell to discuss her nomination for National Secondary Assistant Principal of the Year.

Q How does it feel to be nominated as Delaware's applicant?

A It is an extreme honor to represent Delaware and, most importantly, the Capital School District, as this has been my home since I was in high school. The improvements seen in student achievement at the high school are because of the hard work of our students and teachers and I am just proud to work with them every day.

Q Why did you get into education?

A I had teachers that inspired me throughout my school years, who encouraged me to not only be a great student but also be a positive leader among my peers. Education is a very powerful and important career, and we need the best people serving our students. I strive to be one of the best every day.

Q Why do you love your job?

A I knew before Pre-kindergarten that I wanted to teach. There is nothing more rewarding – or tiring – than what we do every day. There isn't one thing specifically that makes me love my job, but to watch students enter as kids in the ninth grade and graduate as adults is an amazing feeling. As an administrator I also love being able to work with the teachers in the building and other administrators within the district and state. Every day I am learning something new from them and that is what keeps me inspired.

Q What was the process like that you had to go through to become the state's nominee for assistant principal of the year?

A I was nominated by a district supervisor, Dr. Darren Guido, as well as my current principal, Dr. Evelyn Edney. The application required a six page reflective essay that showed how I helped to invoke student improvement using the Breaking Ranks framework. The application required data to support my essay as well as four letters of reference.

Q What happens now that you are the state's nominee for nationals?

A The National Association of Secondary School Principals will review all nominees and will select three finalists to interview in February at the National Principals Convention. All state nominees will go to D.C. in April and the winner will be announced.

Q What do you think your being nominated does for the high school and for the district?

A I hope it shines a huge light on the teachers that have worked so hard to help Dover High be where it is today and I hope it shows the amazing talented students we have within the walls of our school that do not always get the recognition they deserve.

Q Do you have any specific future plans for yourself or for the high school?

A Our immediate plans entail the big move into our new building, and I am so thrilled to be a part of this legacy. While it is bittersweet leaving the halls that I once walked as a student, I am so excited at the opportunities our students will have in the state of the art building we will be living in.