The Milford Historical Society's annual Antiques Market event was established more than a decade ago, and Saturday's event might be its grandest yet.

Held on the lawn of the historic Parson Thorne Mansion, the Antiques Market has long featured dealers selling collectibles such as jewelry, books, postcards, glassware, furniture and other decorative items.

Saturday's Antiques Market will feature approximately 20 dealers, which is "a record number of dealers in the whole time we've been doing it," said Ralph Prettyman, treasurer for the Milford Historical Society's board of trustees. "So that's exciting, especially after a fall-off with the economy."

Despite the long-running Antiques Market, there's always been a misconception that it's like a yard sale.

"Some people come up and think it's a flea market," Prettyman said. "It's not that. The items here are clean and in good shape. Most of the items people are selling, people have restored them."

Having hosted numerous Antiques Market events, Prettyman has found that many of the top-selling items are ones that buyers can transport with ease, such as furniture items like chairs and ceramics.

"It seems as though they like things that are portable, things they can walk in and purchase and carry away with them in their hand," he said.

It's also worth mentioning that the wares at the Antiques Market events are typically affordable, and the dealers are willing to haggle.

"The vendors are friendly and eager to sell things," Prettyman said. "They'll negotiate with people."

Mansion in Milford

Another selling point of the Antiques Market is that the price of admission also allows guests to tour the historic Parson Thorne Mansion for free.

"From my perspective, there's a couple of things that make [Thorne Mansion] cool," Prettyman said. "It's one of the oldest buildings that's still surviving in Milford. The rear part of the house was built, probably in 1748. The front part evolved over time and was probably built between 1776 and 1820.

"The way it looks on the exterior is the way it looked at the time the Civil War was going on," he added. "The interior, however, is more colonial in appearance. There wasn't a lot of modifications done on the inside."


WHAT Antiques Market

WHEN 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday

WHERE Parson Thorne Mansion, 501 NW Front St., Milford

COST $1 for adults; free for children ages 6 or younger

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