In case you've lost your calendar, today is Valentine's Day. But, nobody has to know that you forgot. Romance may just be a phone call away.

Valentines Day is today. And, like birthdays and anniversaries, sometimes the day just sneaks up on unsuspecting spouses who are left looking underprepared and inconsiderate.

But, there's no need to fret if you forgot to get your loved one some new heart-shaped trinket because nothing says love like a well-prepared meal. You don't even have to prepare the meal yourself, not with local restaurants willing to do all the work for you.

And, the best thing? Since Valentines Day falls on a week night, two local restaurants are giving you the option to legitimately postpone all the hearts and romance to a day that's more convenient for working lovebirds.

Here's what to know:

1 Put the paper down (or, in this case, step away from the computer). Pick up the phone now.

Seriously. People all over town are realizing that there's nothing left in the holiday aisles of local stores and boutiques and the only saving grace is dinner. A really nice dinner. And, if you get on the phone now, you just might snag one of the last reservations in town at Abbott's Grill or The Georgia House.

At Abbott's, diners will be treated to the melodic mastery of keyboardist Nick Wayne, who will set a romantic tone that practically commands long, loving gazes. The restaurant's full menu will be available alongside the chef's specials: French kiss oysters , crepes, pan-roasted sea bass, lobster tails and, of course, a couple of surprise decadent desserts.

Down the street and around the corner at The Georgia House, the menu sounds just as tasty with lots of seafood options (Can you smell the grilled Mahi Mahi yet?) or even a nice t-bone steak. Save room for dessert, though, because you have two mouth-watering options: Tiramisu or white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake. One bite in and no one remembers that dinner was last minute.

2 Too late for reservations?

Did you call yet? Well, maybe it's good that you didn't because you need to arm yourself with a little more information first.

There's a good chance that Abbott's and The Georgia House (and everywhere else within driving distance) will be booked solid. They thought this might happen. Here's what you do: First, ask for another reservation for Friday or Saturday at The Georgia House or Saturday at Abbott's. Once you have that confirmed, look your loved one in the eyes and say that tonight is a night for being alone. You have all weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day. And, you want to celebrate sans crowds on Friday or Saturday night with the same menus (but minus all the people).

Valentines Day crisis averted.

3 Will a different day really be OK?

A different day might actually be better. Again, the crowds won't be so thick post-holiday. Celebrating on Friday or Saturday also means you can linger a little longer over dinner and drinks, reminiscing about Valentines Days-past.

And, if you choose to wait until Saturday to go to Abbott's, you and your sweetie can rekindle the romance with the Spontaneous Invention Jazz Trio featuring Dave Schiff on saxophone. The full menu and the French kissing oysters will still be there, too.

4 Making the plan work

Abbott's Grill is located at 249 N.E. Front St., in Milford. To make a reservation for today or Saturday, call (302) 491-6736.

The Georgia House is located at 18 S. Walnut St. and is also located in Milford. For reservations, call (302) 422-6763.