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I hear Beckett's therapist will be back on Castle. What can you tell us about that? - Angela
ADAM: Michael Dorn will indeed reprise his role as Dr. Burke during February sweeps. But what brings Beckett back to his couch? Well, it's not because of any problems with Castle. Instead, it will be another run-in with Sen. Bracken (guest star Jack Coleman) that sends Beckett back to therapy. "A murder seems to lead to his doorstep and Kate thinks this her opportunity to finally get the man who was responsible for her mother's murder behind bars," creator Andrew W. Marlowe, adding that Beckett may once again find herself out of control. "Nothing is as it seems," he says. "The case leads us into really interesting moral territory for our character."

Are Jeremy and Bonnie getting back together on The Vampire Diaries? -Micah
NATALIE: You weren't the only one who noticed those stolen glances during the midseason finale! ...

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