Thereís something gratifying when, in a fantasy world where Danny Woodhead (NE) could threaten to be the top fantasy running back for the week (he still finished tied for third in Week 10), the old and reliable fantasy studs come through and have great games.

Not good. Great.

Adrian Peterson (MIN) and Tony Gonzalez (ATL) have been among the best in their positions in fantasy football and real football for a while now. Tony G is 36 years old and heís the second-best fantasy tight end in the league.

Let that sink in for a second. I think fantasy observers at this point of the year have let the shock wear off, but what heís been doing has been nothing short of incredible.

Last week, Gonzalez was a top-10 fantasy player with 24 points in standard leagues ó even better in PPR (points per reception) leagues.

Then thereís Peterson ó Iím no longer convinced heís an cyborg; heís in fact an alien ó who is No. 1 running back in fantasy after 10 weeks. People drafted him in the second round or later!

Itís just nice to see players be consistent in an otherwise volatile game known as fantasy football.

Underachieving ďstudsĒ

For all the old, reliable fantasy players, thereís the underachievers. The guys you had high expectations for but struggled to do great things on a more consistent basis.

Ray Rice (BAL) had 12 fantasy points against Oakland in Week 10. Oakland.
LeSean McCoy (PHI) had 10 points, Hakeem Nicks (NYG) and Mike Wallace (PIT) both had seven.

Wallace started the season well through four weeks, but has been off and on ever since. Nicks is the 55th ranked fantasy receiver in the league. McCoy is No. 11 and Rice is No. 5.

And sadly, Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) has been handcuffed by his own quarterback and is ranked No. 24 at his position, which is behind his own teammate Andre Roberts (ARI).

Itís not that these players have all been bad, but they surely havenít been great and great consistently.

Canít Wait! Waiver Wire Pickups

Last week was, unfortunately, Concussion Sunday for quarterbacks. Add in Ben Roethlisbergerís (PIT) shoulder injury and suddenly thereís a big market for backup QBs.

And seeing as there arenít very many options out there at running back, tight end and receiver, thatís about all you can hope for on the wire.

QB: Nick Foles (PHI), Jason Campbell (CHI), Colin Kaepernick (SF), Byron Leftwich (PIT)
RB: Chris Ivory (NO)
WR: Danario Alexander (SD)

Breakiní Bread List

I failed to mention Drew Brees (NO) regarding old, reliable players only because quarterbacks tend to be more prone to solid performances.

Itís harder for running backs and tight ends to be consistently great in a passing league.

That said, Brees has been great as usual this year. And the matchup against Oakland is just too good for Brees not to be on the list.

And I guess Iíll go ahead and pick the top players in Thursdayís game too. I will say, from a fantasy standpoint, Reggie Bush (MIA) and CJ Spiller (BUF) do make this an interesting contest, especially since both have been doubted on whether or not they can be feature backs.

Yep. Thatís all I got.

QB: Drew Brees (NO) at Oakland, Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF) vs. Miami
RB: Arian Foster (HOU) vs. Jacksonville, Reggie Bush (MIA) at Buffalo
WR: AJ Green at Kansas City, Brian Hartline (MIA) at Buffalo

The Purple Drank list ó presented by Eli Manning (NYG)

Eli, Eli, Eli.

The number of times I just wrote the NY Giants quarterback is how many times heís finished with single-digit totals.

Manningís been absolutely awful lately. And thatís before Week 8, when this horrid trend began. Heís been pretty mediocre since the Cleveland game and hasnít scored more than 13 points since.

It gets worse. Manning has scored 10 points in the last three weeks. Five against Dallas, three against Pittsburgh and two against Cincinnati.

Some are blaming his performances on a dead arm. As for me, Iím blaming it on the Purple Drank.

QB: Blaine Gabbert (JAC) at Houston, Mark Sanchez (NYJ) at St. Louis
RB: BenJarvus Green-Ellis (CIN) at Kansas City, Shonn Greene (NYJ) at St. Louis
WR: Mike Wallace (PIT) vs. Baltimore, DeSean Jackson (PHI) at Washington

Donít sleep on my sleepers

QB: Matt Schaub (HOU) vs. Jacksonville, Brandon Weeden (CLE) at Dallas
RB: Marcel Reece (OAK) vs. New Orleans, Donald Brown (IND) at New England
WR: Donald Jones (BUF) vs. Miami, T.Y. Hilton (IND) at New England

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