Why did Barack Obama release a copy of his birth certificate now? It was a horrible play. Donald Trump went all in with a pair of jacks and Obama folded.

Why did Barack Obama release a copy of his birth certificate now?

It was a horrible play. Donald Trump went all in with a pair of jacks and Obama folded.

I don't have a problem with him showing the birth certificate. He should have done it back when Hilary Clinton's campaign first broached the subject back in 2007.

But he got elected in 2008 as the leader of the free world without it.

So why did he decide to release the birth certificate now?

I love how conservative character Ann Coulter says the liberal media created this issue.

The Clintons started the ball rolling but liberals like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and a list of rabble-rouser wanna-be Republican congressmen and state legislators who have beaten this dead horse for years now have kept it going.

So why did Obama feel moved to action when circus clown Donald Trump took advantage of his spot as a person of interest in the national media to say every crazy thing possible including promising to screw the Chinese in dealings between the two countries, seizing oil from Iraq and Libya for restitution for the money we have spent in wars there and saying the Obama is neither a U.S. citizen or a good student?

What's next? Will Obama release his fifth-grade spelling test to Jeff Foxworthy to prove that he knows how to spell "capitulation"?

Obama said at his press conference that the country had better things to do, and he wanted to dispel the rumors once and for all. You can't dispel rumors.

Look at the evidence.

Radio and television wonks now say the birth certificate is fake or doctored. Before it was missing and it was a scandal. Now it is fake and still a scandal. Tomorrow he will be a unicorn from the moon and it will still be a scandal.

These guys have hours a day to fill, and they have to have something to keep the crazies ginned up.

That's what I don't understand about Obama responding now.

Intelligent people were winning the debate. Fox News hosts were swearing that he was a citizen. Michelle Bachmann said the birther conspiracy theories were nonsense. Tim Pawlenty had said there was no basis to question the president on this issue.

Those aren't liberals attesting to his citizenship, they are conservative wonks and potential opponents.

He didn't need to release anything.

In fact, it was a huge mistake.

Trump may have said how proud and honored he was to finally prove the president of the United States is a citizen of the country. But all he did was discredit himself and everyone who encouraged him - hoping against hope that he could use his pile of monopoly money to find something no one else had.

Obama should have stayed above the fray and let his opponents continue to kick against the goads. Imagine the political homerun he would have hit if a birther would have been nominated to the GOP ticket as the contender or vice presidential candidate.

He could have dropped that birth certificate on them like Ben Matlock proving a suspect guilty and guaranteed himself re-election.

Now Trump will disappear into reality television and take all the birthers with him.

So Obama has laid everything on the table and will have to face a credible candidate in 2012.

He should have held on to what would have been the ultimate "Trump" card.

Kent Bush is publisher of the Augusta, Kan., Gazette.