About Letthand
Name: Shane Letthand
Position: Guard for the Milford High School basketball team, wide receiver/defensive back for the varsity football team

This is the year of the senior at the Milford High School basketball program. The Buccaneers have no less than eight 12th-graders on their roster, and after two years of making it into the state championship tournament and losing early, they’re planning on making a bigger splash in their final run at a title. And they’re in a prime position to get there once again, thanks to contributions from players like Shane Letthand. He doesn’t lead the team in scoring, rebounds, assists or steals, but when they need him to, he can step up and do any one of those things. His 16 points keyed an upset victory over third-ranked St. Elizabeth on Feb. 7, and his defense and rebounding has been every bit as big as the Bucs continue their charge to the tournament.

Q How do you feel about how the season’s going?
A I’m happy with how we’re doing. We’re just working hard, and trying to push forward into the tournament.

Q How do you recover from a tough loss like the one to Cape on Thursday?
A You recover by beating the third-ranked team in the state. That was huge, and we got another win (Tuesday). We’re just going to keep pushing forward. It was sad that we lost — we let them get away. But it’s basketball. Anybody can beat anybody.

Q The Milford basketball program hadn’t had much success in the last decade before you went to the tournament for the first time. How does it feel to be part of this resurgence?
A It feels great. I’ve been part of the program for four years, and in three of my four years we’ve gone to the tournament. That’s pretty good. I just keep working hard, and try to get better every day. It’s paid off, big time. I do feel like I’ve developed as a player, especially this year, and I can help my team in a lot of different ways.

Q Are you comfortable in that “jack of all trades” role?
A I just want to help us win. When the tournament comes, I want to do it all — if it’s rebounding, scoring, stealing, assists, whatever. I’m going to do it.

Q What do you want from the rest of the season?
A We want to go all the way. We were one and done the first time, then we won one game, this time we want to finish it off. We’re going to win a championship.

Q Has playing football helped you develop as a basketball player?
A Football has really helped me in basketball. It’s helped me build up a sense of teamwork, and it’s really helped me be tougher on the court. I can take a hit, finish — it’s done a lot for me.