The U.S. Senate primary election of GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell is inspiring quite a bit of peevishness among the so-called “establishment” Republicans. Despite a savaging from the state committee, and from Congressman Castle’s surrogates, she has won our party’s nomination. True, an unhappy few of her own overzealous surrogates campaigned in like manner. But the rhetoric heard from certain of our party’s elite was beyond the pale, going further than that usually reserved for their political enemies.

But when the choice was put before actual voters, they spoke, decisively. Ms. O’Donnell will indeed replace the party’s anointed candidate. And they have done Delaware a favor, by placing before voters a real choice in November. Mr. Castle tops the list of the most liberal Republican congressman to sit now in the House, according to the National Journal, The American Conservative Union, and others.  They report Rep. Castle votes with the Democrat caucus around 50%-60% of the time, depending on the source. His maddening votes on cap and trade, stifling energy independence, etc. are notorious. Put another way, there may be dozens of Democrats now seated in the House who have more Republican-leaning voting records than Rep. Castle. Therefore, one is left to wonder if the voting record of a hypothetical Senator Coons would be much different.

From a purely (or impurely, rather) cold-eyed standpoint, the safer choice, if one merely wants an R next to the name of our next U.S. Senator, would have been Rep. Castle. For years we have done so, and our reward has been bigger government, massive debt, job-killing regulation, and half-hearted opposition from those “moderates” on whom we have spent our votes. Like a battered spouse, conservatives return every couple of years, after promises it won’t happen again.

I believe this election will be different. Folks are angry all over this country. They realize, as I do, that much harm has been done to this country we will find hard to undo in our lifetimes. I would encourage my friends to do as conservatives have been asked to do when the moderate/liberal has won.  Fall in, and support our nominee with all your ability.

Matt Bucher