This week's edition of "Traplines on Cypress Creek" discusses some preparations being made for the approaching seasons, as well as some upcoming outdoor-themed banquets.

I suppose Dover is still a small community at heart. I’m often surprised to run into friends and acquaintances in the weirdest places. I ran into Fran Barker of Camden a couple weeks back leaving a doctors office. Fran is the wife of Chuck, of Camden, and owner of American Therapy and Rehab. She related how Chuck had enjoyed the African safari series and had himself just returned from such a trip. Fran related Chuck had “shot one of everything” and wondered why anyone would need a blue and a black wildebeest since they’re both equally as ugly. She related she was glad, however, he didn’t shoot the ugliest of all animals, the warthog.

After our conversation, I emailed Chuck a picture of a life-sized warthog I’d just completed. I’m sure Fran won’t appreciate it, but Chuck says that if he makes it back to the Dark Continent, the warthog will be high on his next list. Nothing like winning friends and influencing people, I suppose.

I would hope that by this time you’ve gotten your tree stands situated and camoed in for the upcoming gun seasons. Muzzleloader season begins Friday, Oct. 8, and runs until Saturday, Oct. 16. You’re likely to need every advantage you can get as it’s been so dry of late. As a result, the oaks are shedding acorns like rainfall, and your cut corn and soybean fields may not be as attractive as they would have been just a few scant weeks back.

It is also time for outdoors themed banquets, raffles and auctions to begin. The Felton Fire Co. is a frequent host of such affairs and this year intends to get a start of their own in hosting a fundraiser.

On Friday, Oct. 29, they will host their annual Hunter’s Night Out. Starting at 6:30 p.m., they will be serving an all-you-can-eat and drink buffet. The menu is draft beer/sodas, baked beans, coleslaw, pulled pork and fried oyster sandwiches along with homemade “deer tracks” ice cream. There are 10 guns to be raffled off including a pink Remington 870 and clothing package for the lady hunters. Tickets are $35 per person, $65 for couple, or $240 for a table of eight. Raffle tickets are $5 for singles and five for $40. There will be auction items as well as door prize given. You can call the firehouse for tickets and information at 284-9552 or contact Andrew Ney at 284-2626.

Now I don’t mean to be a spoil-sport and many of you know I’m one of the biggest advocates of getting kids and ladies involved in hunting. Recently, however, I’ve noticed the trend of fewer young hunters having an appreciation of what hunting is all about. Getting them involved carries an obligation. We need to nurture that appreciation many of us grew into. Going from Nintendo directly to a T/C Encore can’t teach ethics or good conservation practices. Think before you just push someone into hunting.