Eighteen-year-old wants to thank all who helped her in her time of need.

Earlier this month, 18-year-old Spencer Brooke Johnson learned just what it means to be a good neighbor.

While driving along King’s Highway in the evening of Dec. 2, her truck hydroplaned and ran off the roadway. Though she blacked out for a brief period, she awoke to find herself stuck in her truck, bleeding from a broken nose and unable to escape.

“I stuck my head out and screamed for help,” Johnson said. “I was really panicking and thought I was going to die.”

It didn’t take long for her screams to be heard. Before she knew it, she said there were a number people there to offer a hand. Johnson said she remembers a woman who said she was a nurse came to her side; a man she thinks was a paramedic or firefighter sat next to her explaining how the jaws of life would open the roof of the vehicle so she could be removed; a classmate and her family; and many others.

The only thing that she can’t remember is their names and because of that, she said she hasn’t been able to thank them for the time they took during her mishap.

“They did a really great job calming me down,” Johnson said. “I want to thank them all for what they did.”

Johnson’s mother, Lisa Dent, said she rushed to the scene after one of the neighbors called to tell her about the accident.

“I was hysterical,” Dent said. “She was in the car for ½ hour until they used the jaws of life to get her out.”

She, too, wants to thank all the neighbors along King’s Highway and any other good Samaritans who stopped to help her daughter.

“I told Spencer that we’ll go and knock on doors to find out who they were if we have to,” she said.

The night of the accident, Spencer was flown to Christiana Hospital for treatment to her nose and punctured sinus.

She had surgery on her nose Dec. 14 and returned to Milford High School where she’s a senior two days later.

“Getting back to school is just what I needed,” Johnson said.

Now, it’s just a matter of time before her bruises and stitches disappear, but Johnson said she’ll never forget the kindness of strangers during her time in need.

“I want to tell them all, thank you,” she said.