Noon        Opening Ceremonies

12:20 p.m.    Greetings to Latin America

12:30 p.m.    Grupo Citlalli -  Mexican dance

12:50 p.m.    Grupo Impact Vallenato -  Colombian Dance

1:20 p.m.    Expresiones de Chile - Chilean Dance

1:50 p.m.    Katari - Andean Trad. Music

2:20 p.m.    Micaela y Su Conjunto - Flamenco Dance

2:50 p.m.    Isabel Umanzor - Chilean Music

3:10 p.m.    Miss Delaware Hispanic

3:25 p.m.    Grupo Impacto Vallenato

3:55 p.m.     Ballet Guadalajara - Mexican Dance

4:05 p.m.    Expresiones de Chile

4:35 p.m.    Lyra Marquense - Guatemalan Music

4:55 p.m.    Anna Ornelas - Mariachi Music

5:10 p.m.    Raffles

5:25 p.m.    Grupo Elemento - Popular Dance Music

5:55 p.m.    Closing


As final preparations are made for the 15th annual Festival Hispano, a yearly celebration of traditional Hispanic music, food and culture, organizer Monica Viana is looking forward to once again bringing the vibrant culture of Latin America to one and all.

“I am always looking forward to growing the festival each year, and getting the American public to learn more about our culture,” said Viana.

Set to a very different beat from Wilmington’s more-modern Hispanic celebration, Festival Hispano concentrates on traditional folk music, this year featuring not only local groups like Guatemalan marimba band Lyra Marquense, but also music originating in Chile and Colombia.

Traditional Chilean and Mexican dances will  also take place throughout the day (see schedule box), and when it comes to food, the festival features everything from tacos to Salvadoran pupusas and Puerto Rican coconut ice cream.

“We want people to learn the positive ways of Latin American culture,” Viana said. “It’s very family-oriented, and it’s free!”

Festival Hispano will take place from noon to 6 p.m. at W.B. Atkins Little League Park, on State Street in Millsboro.