Greetings, dear readers.

As times get tougher, and with relief appearing farther and farther in the future, the homeless problem in Milford is bound to get worse.

Before you start rolling your heads and sighing, just think — many of us are just a paycheck or two away from homelessness.

Many of you know what it is like to have once been homeless, and uncertain of your place in the world, even if you are now back on your feet.

With that in mind, I am glad to see that a coalition of churches and individuals have joined together to form the Circle of Light Ministry with a mission to help homeless women and families in the Milford area.

On Monday, March 23, the group asked the City Council for help in finding donated land to house a shelter in the city for homeless women and families. The group also asked the council to consider helping support future services for the homeless.

Yes, times are financially tough for just about everyone, but fortunately, the council seemed to encourage and support the concept of Circle of Light’s mission on Monday night.

No money or land was promised, but the council did offer a glimmer of hope to ministry members and the homeless people they seek to serve.

Council member Katrina Wilson brought the issue of homelessness up during a City Council meeting two weeks ago, and she is to be commended for giving voice to a problem many people simply overlook.

Council member James Oechsler is also to be commended for encouraging the council to help the ministry find a donor of suitable land for a homeless shelter.

If we choose to ignore the increasing problem of people losing their homes and having nowhere to lay their heads at night, we will suffer a collective shame.

And that is something we cannot afford to do.

Kanika Georges