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As General Motors goes...

I seem to recall that many years ago Charles Wilson said “As General Motors Goes, So Goes The Nation.”

 Hmmm. ...

Al Lauckner


A?word to the fiscally wise

Word to the wise, aspire to be part of the federal money handouts, and don’t look back.

Neighbors, friends and coworkers are suffering the indignity of debt collectors nipping at their heels, calling at all hours to collect a past due mortgage payment. It’s not enough that these fellow Delawareans have their hours cut back, or one or more in their family just lost their job or that the house payments that were “fixed” for three years just reset to an inexorable new high, but we must also witness the very same banks that are mercilessly coming down hard on them are also expecting and receiving Government bail out money.

The way the government sees it, we need to save the banking institutions from failure to keep the economy going, or so we’ve been told. The collapse of another large institution would affect too many workers, and that is the part I absolutely understand. The rest, I’m not 100% certain would mean much to the general populace, especially when it’s the same banks holding out their hands for more money that are ratcheting up their foreclosures on the same people they were supposed to be helping. 

Naturally, I read the papers with great interest, and try to be cautionary with passing judgment.  However, if on the one hand someone is accepting money because they made a “bad loan” and then proceeds “post haste” to foreclose on the hapless mortgagee (homeowner), then my natural instincts to call foul comes in.  Doesn’t our constitution come to mind to treat all citizens with the same respect?  If the dictate of the law is to protect and defend, then how can we be so careless to throw so many out of their homes?  If indeed the banks are getting a forbearance, then so should the homeowners who became a victim as well.  Stay the auctions, the foreclosures, the incessant calls on the beleaguered and let’s move forward after a more reasonable time when the federal government is able to say “the ship is now righted, full steam ahead”. 


Sandra Ware