Woman went to high school with boyfriend who was charged with murder in the case of his girlfriend, who was nine months pregrant.

TSheriff’s deputies are investigating whether Bobby Cutts Jr. had
help in the alleged murder of Jessie Marie Davis or the cover-up of her

Myisha Ferrell was not at her northwest Canton apartment Saturday night when Stark County sheriff’s deputies were looking for
DNA trace evidence including blood, hair and fibers “which may be used as
evidence of the crime of obstructing justice,” according to the search
warrant signed by Stark County Common Pleas Judge John Haas.

Deputies smashed through the door of Ferrell’s apartment shortly before 8
p.m. as neighbors gathered in the street.

Officers removed about eight brown paper evidence bags and several smaller
envelope-sized bags from the apartment.

The warrant showed they were looking for pillows, a bed sheet, a cell phone,
cleaning supplies including bleach, children’s clothing, men’s or women’s
clothing, gloves and the DNA evidence.

An inventory of the search showed officers took three empty containers of
Febreze fabric freshener, an empty Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner (spray cleaner),
a black address book, three cell phones, a partial roll of duct tape, Hefty
CinchSak garbage bags, Lysol cleaner and bleach gallon jugs. The bleach came
from the basement, which is shared with neighbor Justin Lindstrom, and he
said one of the bleach jugs was his.

Bleach was found splattered throughout the bedroom of Davis’ Lake Township
duplex last Friday, when her family discovered she was missing. The
26-year-old girlfriend of Cutts was nine months pregnant when she was last
heard from on the night of June 13.

Her body was discovered about 3:30 p.m. in Hampton Hills Metro Park,
southeast of Blossom Music Center in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in
northern Summit County.

A source close to Cutts told The Repository on Saturday that Cutts said he
asked a female friend to help him remove Davis’ body from her home. Cutts
reportedly said Davis’ death was not his doing, but he thought no one would
believe him and decided to hide the body.

When Davis’ mother went to check on her July 15, she found Davis’ 2-year-old
son, Blake, unattended. Cutts is the boy’s father.

According to Ferrell’s neighbor, Lindstrom, “The FBI has been here about
four times in the last three days.” Agents called him again Saturday night,
and told him Ferrell had been released from police custody, but if Lindstrom
saw her he was to call immediately.

He said he last saw Ferrell on Friday, when she was at her apartment for about
20 minutes and left with cleaning supplies, a broom, a dustpan and a black
garbage bag. Lindstrom said the FBI showed up 20 minutes after Ferrell left.

Ferrell graduated from GlenOak High School in 1995 with Cutts, who was
arrested Saturday afternoon and is to be formally charged Monday with two
counts of murder.

Ferrell was scheduled to report to her job at a local restaurant at 11 p.m.
Saturday. A waitress at the restaurant told The Canton Repository that she
quit Friday.

After deputies left, duct tape held together the front panel of the door to
Ferrell’s apartment. Investigators couldn’t get it to close all the way, and
the door was slightly ajar when they left. They would not comment.

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