Possible successors line up behind LaHood


While no one is ready to jump in just yet, several people are admitting they are "seriously considering it" — ranging from one of LaHood’s sons, to several Peoria-area politicians, to a Quincy state senator who is being courted by national Democrats.

One of the most obvious possible candidates is LaHood’ son, Darin, who said Friday, "I like politics; I like government. I’m going to keep my options open. Obviously, I know you’re aware, I’m looking at the (Peoria County) state’s attorney’s office, and we’ll see how all that plays out. I think that there will be lot of dominoes that happen here in the next month, two months. I’m going to see how all that plays out."

Darin LaHood, who moved back to Peoria in 2005 after a stint as an assistant U.S. attorney in Las Vega