Delmarva Power offered tips and energy efficiency improvements that could save customers 20 percent or more on their winter heating bills.

— Keep it sealed. A drafty house let’s warm air escape and is more costly to keep warm, especially during cooler weather. Use caulking around doors, windows and any openings for utility services. Using the locks on windows can make the seal tighter and more resistant to drafts. Keep fireplace damper closed when the fireplace is not in use.

— Upgrade insulation. Insulating a home can reduce heating costs, while increasing the comfort of the home. Reducing air leak sin floors, walls, ceilings, ducts, fireplaces, doors, windows and vents and around plumbing could cut 10 percent from an average household's monthly energy bill.

— Check ducts for air leaks. Look for joints that should be connected but have separated. Leaky ductwork can increase utility bills.

— Warm up the system. Service the heating system at the beginning of each heating season. A well-maintained system will last longer, operate more efficiently and save homeowners money. The potential for carbon monoxide exposure is possible if home heating equipment isn’t properly tested, serviced and maintained.

— Manage thermostats. Keep thermostats set at a constant, comfortable level. Homeowners can save about 2 percent on their heating bill for every degree they lower the thermostat.

— Be prepared for cooler weather. Remove screens and air conditioners from windows and install storm windows.

— Shorter days and longer lights. Don’t forget to adjust outdoor lighting timers as the nights grow longer. Take the time to replace older incandescent bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs.

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