The Division of Public Health Office of Food Protection is partnering with the Delaware Restaurant Association to celebrate National Food Safety Month during September.

The collaboration will focus on sharing information on creating a culture of food safety in food establishments, on emergency preparedness and recovery and promoting a food safety poster contest for DRA Education Foundation ProStart culinary students.

This is the 23rd year of NFSM. This year’s National Restaurant Association theme focuses on “The Culture of Food Safety.”

The parts that make up an operation’s food safety culture include modeling behaviors, training and positive reinforcement.

To celebrate NFSM and explore how to create a culture of food safety within food operations, DPH encouraged restaurant owners and managers to download and share weekly activities, posters and infographics to keep staff informed and engaged. New training tools and resources will be made available each week including activities, posters, infographics and videos.

DRA will share food safety information with its members during NFSM, including posters, flyers, and information regarding food safety and food safety training courses.

The themes for each week are “What is Food Safety?” for week one; “Handwashing” for week two; “The Role of Food Safety Training” for week three; and “Time and Temperature Control” for week four.

DPH, and the DRA Education Foundation are also sponsoring their annual Food Safety Month Poster contest. The contest is open to high school students in the foundation's’ ProStart Culinary Program. Posters must focus on one of the weekly NFSM themes. Cash prizes will be awarded to students who created the top three posters. The ProStart program for the first-place student winner will receive a cash prize. Entries are due Sept. 29.

For more, call 738-2545.