The city of Milford’s new trash collection schedule will take effect Monday, June 19.

Milford residents will be seeing some changes next month when it comes to refuse collection in the city.

The reason: the city will be using a newly-purchased automated refuse collection truck to collect household waste, equipment that will make the process safer and more efficient.

Beginning Monday, June 19, city customers will see combined weekly household waste and recycling pickup services on the same day, with yard waste collection on Mondays. While the household waste will be collected by the new truck, recycling will be picked up separately using the city’s current rear-loading trash truck.

To implement the new schedule, the city has been divided into four collection zones, which also means customers may see a change in their trash pickup dates. Milford residents should check their May utility bills, where they’ll find a copy of the new schedule.

Bulk/brush pickup will take place on Mondays, except for city holidays, and must be scheduled in advance by calling the Customer Service Department at 302-422-6616

One operator instead of three

The new truck will drive up to a container, extend a mechanical arm, and lift the customer’s trash container, turning it upside down so the refuse falls into the truck and is compacted.

This type of vehicle requires only one operator, who stays inside the cab and operates the pickup equipment from there. This eliminates the need for the two additional personnel who normally accompany the trucks.

It also reduces the risk of injury to collection workers resulting from heavy lifting, sharp items, household waste and traffic hazards.

Milford’s city council approved the expenditure of $220,290 to purchase the truck during its Dec. 12, 2016, meeting; the council is considering the future purchase of a second automated truck.

At the December council meeting, it was noted that since there were two vacancies in the Solid Waste Division, no one would lose their job when the truck goes into service. The department empties an average of 2,800 containers per week.

Here are some tips

The department is offering a number of tips to ensure an easy transition to the new collection service:

- Place carts three feet from the curb

- Place carts out no later than 7 a.m. and remove empty carts by 7 p.m.

- Carts must be at least three to five feet apart and placed away from trees, mailboxes, parked cars and other fixed objects

- Wheels on the cart must face the house

- All material must fit inside the cart with the lid closed. Additional carts can be provided if needed

- Bricks, bungee cords, etc., must not be used to keep lids closed

- Trash or yard waste left outside the containers will not be collected

- City-supplied containers must be used; personal containers will not be collected

For detailed information, call the city’s customer service section at 302-422-6616.

For copies of the schedule and map, visit or