More than 80 Delaware 4-H youth and adults participated in the 13th annual Delaware 4-H Legislative Day on April 26 at Legislative Hall in Dover.

Delaware's 4-H youth began their day at Legislative Hall in Dover and split into three groups. One group stayed in Legislative Hall, learned the history of the building and discussed the legislative process with Rep. Lyndon Yearick and Sen. Ernie Lopez. They learned how a bill becomes a law. Another group visited the state courthouse and learned about the judicial process. Two groups visited the Delaware Department of Education, where 4-H members received an overview of the process of applying for college and other important tasks they will undertake as students. Members also visited the Delaware State Education Association.

Participation in a mock voting session was a highlight of the day. On the ballot for a vote was their favorite 4-H event, the projects members enjoy the most, when school should start and a “yes” vote that the penalty for texting and driving should be stronger than a $100 fine.

The groups reconvened in the afternoon for a 4-H Rally outside of Legislative Hall. The 4-H community expressed gratitude to have the following legislators in attendance: Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long, Attorney General Matt Denn, Rep. Lyndon Yearick, Rep. Tim Dukes, Rep. Harvey Kenton and Rep. Ronnie Gray.

State 4-H Teen Council Officers in attendance were Lena Berry, Spring Vasey, Jenna Anger, Hannah O’Hara and Patrick Trunfio.

4-H Legislative Day concluded with the members attending a session in the House Chambers. State 4-H Teen Council President Lena Berry addressed the legislators giving them information about Delaware 4-H and thanking them for all of their support of our program.