Check out Paradise Frost: Milton's Frozen History beginning with an opening reception Friday.

Last weekend’s snow and frigid temperatures were a good prelude to a new ice-related exhibit opening Friday at the Milton Historical Society.

“Paradise Frost: Milton’s Frozen History,” blends the stars of Disney’s movie Frozen with Milton’s own “Ice Man” and cold weather activities that have remained popular through the generations.

Milton Historical Society director Kimberly Fabbri said she got the idea for the display from the Milford Historical Society, which had done a similar one in the past.

Milford’s Historical Society even loaned Milton an old refrigerator that used ice to keep food cold back before electric refrigerators were the norm in houses.

Homeowners purchased blocks of ice, and people like James “Handy” Prettyman made a living taking care of their needs.

“He was the iceman,” Fabbri said. “He delivered ice to all the homes.”

Prettyman started his business around 1910-1915. No one remembers the exact year, Fabbri said. And he and his family kept it going into the ‘70s, long after most homes had electric refigerators.

“Town loyalties played a big part,” Fabbri said. “And he was such a big part of the town.”

At its height, the business run by Prettyman and his sons included three warehouses which were filled with ice harvested from Wagamons Pond. Tools used for that harvesting, as well as home items such as ice tongs, are among those included in the display.

Also included is a display of ice skates – from wooden relics of more than a century ago to the sleek skates of today.

“They show the evolution of ice skates,” Fabbri said. “And the neat thing is that these were actually used on Wagamons Pond.”

Kings Ice Cream is also featured prominently in the display, including the original sign, doors from the building and tools used to make ice cream through the years.

Fabbri said as an added treat, Kings Ice Cream will be on hand for the exhibit opening Friday to provide free ice cream.

Incorporating the Disney movie Frozen into the display, Fabbri said, just adds to the fun and helps youngsters make the connection between the past and present.

“It shows the fun aspect of things kids are still doing today,” she said.

The exhibit grand opening will take place on Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors are invited to view the artifacts on display, as well as the restructured sanctuary of the museum.  The exhibit runs through May 29 at the Historical Society, 210 Union St., Milton.