Country-songwriter Jo Dee Messina will bring her new album, “Me,” to the Rollins Center at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino on Sept. 5.

Country-songwriter Jo Dee Messina will bring her new album, “Me,” to the Rollins Center at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino on Sept. 5.

The multi-platinum performer raised more than $100,000 to record the album, which was crowd-funded via

The new album, released in March, is Messina’s fifth LP. “Me” includes the singles “Peace Sign” and “A Women’s Rant.” The latter is a comical tune in which Messina’s sings the blues about juggling her duties as a mother and entertainer.

“Me” is the first LP Messina has dropped since her 2005 project “Delicious Surprise.” Messina’s new album is also her first record to be released on her newly formed Dreambound Records. Prior to “Me,” Messina was signed to Curb Records, the only label she had worked on.

Messina recently spoke with The Dover Post about a song on her album that’s receiving more support than she expected, why her relationship with Curb Records went awry, and more.

Q How does it feel to have a new LP out, after nearly a decade-long drought?

A It’s exciting for me. I recorded songs for years and years, and they’re sitting on the shelf at some record label here in [Tennessee] that was too afraid to make a decision and say “We like this or we don’t like this.” They were just like “Uh, we don’t know.” It’s almost like they were scared and they didn’t make any decision at all. They just have piles of my music in the closet somewhere. So to actually be able to write something, record something that you’re passionate about and have it released is awesome.

Q The label you’re referring to is Curb, correct?

A Yes. That’s the only label I had been signed to.

Q On your new label, you managed to raise more than $100,000 for new album. How exciting was that?

A It was a stressful time going to the Kickstarter thing. I think the hardest thing about that was people didn’t know what it was … The average country fan didn’t understand what it was at the beginning. So they were like, “What’s she doing asking for money?” What they didn’t understand was for every pledge level when you became a backer, you’d get rewards and prizes sent to you.

Q One of the most unique reward incentives you offered through Kickstarter was the opportunity for fans to enjoy a dinner cooked by you and your husband. What was that experience like?

A We didn’t do it. It was either that or perform in someone’s backyard. Most people wanted us to come and perform. So we didn’t have to cook for anybody [laughs].

Q That was still a unique incentive. How did that idea to cook for a fan come about?

A My husband is a crazy-good cook, so it was just something I posted about online a lot. On my Facebook, you’ll see my husband grows a garden. My hardcore fans knew that he was a good cook, so I was like, “Let’s do that.”

Q Is there a song on “Me” that’s getting a stronger response than what you originally expected?

A I know the album cut of “Love On a Maybe” gets more response than I thought it would. As far as live, I can’t really tell. We have so much fun on stage. That energy usually spills off the stage and into the audience, and we’ve just had a great response for the album all across the board. Fans have been awesome.

Q Why has the response for “Love On a Maybe” caught you off guard?

A When people hear the album, and mostly men, they lean toward that sound melodically, I guess, because it catches their ear. It’s a little bit of a surprise because I thought [each song] was equal. They all have their own niche to them, so it was interesting to see that they were all learning toward that one.

Q After you made “A Woman’s Rant,” did your husband make you breakfast in bed the next day?

A No. As a matter of fact today, specifically, I got up early. I went for a run. I got the kids out of bed and he was still sleeping.

Q Dis the song have any impact on him?

A No. My husband is really pretty mellow. I could light a firecracker under his pillow and he probably wouldn’t be phased by it.

Q So it’s inevitable we’re going to hear “A Women’s Rant Part 2” at some point?

A Maybe [laughs].


WHAT Jo Dee Messina in concert

WHEN 9 p.m., Friday, Sept. 5

WHERE Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, 1131 North DuPont Highway, Dover

COST $25-$45

INFO Visit or call (800) 711-5882