The crew at Mispillion River Brewing will play the role of Santa Claus and bring Milford some early holiday cheer through its inaugural “Christmas in July” event on Saturday.

The crew at Mispillion River Brewing will play the role of Santa Claus and bring Milford some early holiday cheer through its inaugural “Christmas in July” event on Saturday.

Drink and be merry

Mispillion River’s summer version of Christmas is an all-day event that will begin with a VIP beer breakfast with Santa. The meal will be cooked by Frankfurt Bakery & Deli in Dover and it’ll be paired with four beers, three of which will be Mispillion River’s new, specialty brews.

The first course will be chocolate chip muffins with Glendora, a coffee stout. This will be followed up by sausages in a pretzel blanket, paired with the new drink Chipped Tooth, an imperial Russian stout. The third course will feature Spawn of Praetor, a new imperial porter aged in 12-year Elijah Craig barrels with Madagascar vanilla beans. Dessert will include bacon covered in chocolate, accompanied by Happy Ending, a new strawberry chocolate stout.

While Christmas in July is a free event, the beer and breakfast component will cost $30, and will be limited to 30 guests.

Christmas in July will officially open to the public at noon and the three specialty beers will be unveiled in 22-ounce bottles, which will be available for purchase. Quantities will be limited to 100 bottles of each beer.

Eric Williams, co-owner of Mispillion River Brewing, said he selected the three beers to debut at Christmas in July because they’re distinguished drinks.

“They’re a combination of a lot of different flavors, so each beer is very unique,” he said.

In the spirit of Christmas, Williams suggested that patrons buy multiple bottles of the specialty beers. He said guests could buy one beer to drink this weekend, while letting the other bottles sit unopened until the holidays as a Christmas gift to themselves.

Fun and games

Sipping tasty beers are only part of the fun at Christmas in July. The other half of the equation will be games, live music by the acoustic trio The Dystractions and a fun sweater contest.

Patrons will have the chance to enjoy a water balloon toss and a game of yard pong, which is a giant version of beer pong in which buckets are usually used in place of cups.

There also will be an ugly sweater contest.

Lauren Bigelow, Mispillion River’s sales and marketing ninja, said she owns a hideous turtleneck that she’s thinking about wearing for the event. Bigelow also mentioned some of her friends kicked around the idea of donning glitter and pompoms as part of their outfits in the contest.

Meanwhile, Williams is in a conundrum, because he owns more hoodies than sweaters.

“My wife and I were looking at some ugly sweaters online, because I don’t own any,” he said. “I don’t know what I’ll be wearing.”

The genesis of Christmas in July

Christmas in July got its start because the Mispillion River Brewing team wanted to celebrate one of the greatest annual holidays more than an once a year.

Since Christmas in July arrives this weekend, it only made sense to Williams and his team that they introduce its sister-event this winter: “Summer Solstice in December.”

“Maybe we’ll have a bathing suit contest,” Williams said of the future event.

Although Williams hasn’t ironed out of all the details for his December plans, he knows he has more than enough time to figure that out. In the meantime, his attention is on Christmas in July, a fun event with a lot of promise.