Same day voter registration group decries inaction on HB 105.

Members of the Delaware Same Day Registration Coalition said they are deeply disappointed that the Delaware state Senate adjourned for the year without taking a vote on HB 105, the Same Day Voter Registration legislation. The bill was passed by the House on April 3.

“Delaware voters made a clear and convincing call for strengthening democracy with Same Day Registration,” said spokeswoman Apryl Walker.

“Over the past 12 months, countless Delaware citizens signed petitions and called and emailed their legislators, while community, labor and faith leaders from across the state stood up for expanding access to the vote with same day registration. The Delaware state House heard that outcry and passed a same day registration bill.

We are deeply disappointed that the state Senate concluded its business for the year without voting on the same day registration legislation,” Walker said.

Walker added the group will continue to bring the legislation to a vote.

“Rest assured: we will be back in Dover next January to take up the call for same day registration,” she said.

“Every eligible voter deserves a fair chance to cast a ballot. Delaware’s political leaders need to honor that right and enact same day registration in 2015.”