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  • Dameon 'B.O.A.T.' Brewington ships off new album from Milford

  • Milford 8-year-old Destiny Brewington and her twin sister, Dynasty, want to follow in the footsteps of their producer/rapper dad, Dameon “B.O.A.T.” Brewington, who just dropped his new album “The Purpose.”
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  • Milford 8-year-old Destiny Brewington and her twin sister, Dynasty, want to follow in the footsteps of their producer/rapper dad, Dameon “B.O.A.T.” Brewington, who just dropped his new album “The Purpose.” 
    “I want to be famous with daddy,” said Dynasty, an aspiring singer.
    “The same thing she said,” added Destiny, who also dreams of becoming a singer.
    Dameon’s fame doesn’t currently extend far beyond his hometown, but he’s hoping to change that with “The Purpose,” an introspective album released in late June under his moniker “B.O.A.T.,” which stands for Best of All Time.
    The 14-track album touches on a myriad of topics, including the government, hope and the struggle to succeed. The title revolves around the idea that everyone has been created for a reason, and B.O.A.T. says his reason for breathing is to create the niftiest rhymes and beats possible.
    Braving the high seas
    Dameon says the song that best sums up his new record is the mid-tempo “Pray.” On the track, he narrates a tale that’s loosely based on a true story about a prostitute and drug dealer who’ve both hit rock bottom and want to do away with their bad habits. The first verse highlights the struggles of the prostitute and the second is about the drug dealer. After each verse, B.O.A.T. steps in and asks each hurting soul if he could pray for them.
    “At the end of the conversation, I was basically telling them to hold on,” the Milford native said. “Music is not always about me. Sometimes you have to be a mouthpiece for other people, because when you do something like that, they feel like somebody’s listening and somebody can relate to their pain.”
    Another touching track on the new album is “Spirit and Flesh.”
    “I always feel like there’s going to be a battle between spirit and your flesh,” Dameon said. “It’s like a tug of war. Your flesh is pulling you this way and your spirit is pulling you that way. The song is about how I feel from a flesh point of view. Sometimes, you feel like it’s all over [for you] and you get into that mindset of suicide, like that’s the only way out.”
    The lighthouse
    But B.O.A.T. says he has never succumbed to the temptation to give up, nor will he, because he knows he has a purpose. And besides being gifted to create music, he also knows he made a lifelong commitment to be a good husband to his wife and a good father to his 8-year-old twin girls and his baby boy and namesake, 5-year-old Dameon.
    Page 2 of 2 - B.O.A.T. said he doesn’t intend on breaking that commitment, because his family is what gets him through those hard times.
    “I love my kids to death and I love taking pictures of them,” the 29-year-old said with a smile.
    B.O.A.T., who’s also a photographer, created the album cover for “The Purpose” using a picture of his son’s face that he digitally altered to include cracked lines. Little Dameon’s face is surrounded by a sea of blackness with only a tiny sliver of light beaming toward it.
    “This cover is telling a story in itself,” B.O.A.T. said. “What I mean is, it’s dark. Darkness represents no hope. But you have the little light in the corner, which represents God; he’s shining down. The face on the album is my son’s face and he represents the youth. No matter on this journey, we’re always going to feel young in a way. We always got a lot to learn, which represents how much we don’t know.”
    Physical copies of “The Purpose” are available for $7 and can be purchased via PayPal by contacting B.O.A.T at boatmanproductions@gmail.com. Digital copies are slated to be available on iTunes later this month. For more information, visit boatmanp.blogspot.com