Every artist has to start somewhere. Caroline Glaser got her start on "The Voice." Now, she's touring the country to promote her music and hopes to introduce herself to even more fans with a performance at Firefly.

St. Louis native Carline Glaser achieved fame last year as a member of Team Adam on season 4 of The Voice. Since then, YouTube videos of the 20-year-old singer-songwriter’s covers and original piano ballads have continued adding to her fan base. Glaser sat down for a brief chat minutes after arriving at the Firefly Music Festival, where she’ll be performing at the Coffee House stage at 2:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Q Your guitarist told me you had a little trouble getting into Firefly today. What happened?

A We literally just got here like 30 minutes ago. We got a little lost on the way in and had to park in public parking and walk in.

Q Did anyone recognize you?

A No. In fact, when we got to the artist check in the girl looked at us funny. I don’t think she believed us that we were here to perform. Fortunately, another girl did know who I was.

Q Where were you coming from when you drove in?

A We came from Jersey. We had a show in New York last night at Subculture in the city, and we stayed with friends and then drove down today.

Q Other than “The Voice,” will this be the biggest show you’ve ever performed?

A You know, I’ve done a couple festival shows like this, but this is definitely the nicest as far as hospitality, so I’m excited. But I’ve done Riverbend [in Tennesee], Tulip Fest in Albany and SXSW. That one was big.

Q Are there any bands you’re looking forward to seeing?

A All of them. Oh my gosh, we just drove over in the cart with Johnnyswim and I was having a little bit of a heart attack. But him, Cage the Elephant, Beck, and Tegan and Sara – there’s so many people. With this lineup, I kept looking back at the [schedule] just to make sure I was still on there.

Q How has your life changed since you appeared on “The Voice?”

A Oh my gosh, it just took a 180 in an awesome way. I was going to school at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I kept trying to find people to play music with and nothing was happening and I was totally discouraged. And The Voice kind of happened randomly, actually. [And since] I’ve just been keeping busy with music and writing and touring. It’s been amazing. I have a six-song EP that I’m getting ready to release and I hope people love it.