Sugar Bee, owned by Milford residents Peggy Reilly and Sherry Shaffer, will open to Milford customers on April 26, offering a variety of vintage candies and nostalgic treats, as well as some classic favorites.

Another new store is opening in downtown Milford, and it’s hoping to bring back a hint of the old days with vintage candies and nostalgic treats.

Sugar Bee, owned by Milford residents Peggy Reilly and Sherry Shaffer, is lined with a wall of candy jars, and decorated with antique furniture and bright colors, which Reilly hopes will delight both young and old alike.

“They’ll come in, and they’ll remember, and they’ll see furniture they love,” Reilly said, as she and Shaffer pointed out a 1920s candy display and 1940s refrigerator in the storefront. “I truly think it’ll revitalize downtown.”

Shaffer, who also owns Fur-Baby Boutique and Doggie Daycare in downtown Milford, said she dreamt of opening a vintage candy store, reminiscent of ones seen in other downtowns, like Savannah, Ga.

“Both of us felt like there was something missing. We wanted to have more in downtown Milford,” Shaffer said. “Our goal wasn’t to be a kid candy store, but a candy store for all.”

Sugar Bee will feature gourmet candies, including fruit slices and salt water taffy, as well as more nostalgic sweets like Charleston chews, candy necklaces, Mary Janes and licorice. The store will also feature gourmet chocolates, hand-made truffles, hand-made chocolate covered pretzels and seasonal items like chocolate- or caramel-covered apples and Christmas candies.

“It’ll be themed and always changing,” Shaffer said. “We’re open to suggestions. And hopefully, the next time someone comes in, we’ll have their favorites.”

But customers won’t find popular national brands, or items that can also be found in convenience stores, Shaffer said.

“We really want to do specialty candies,” she said. “Everything we’ve done, we’ve tried to keep with that [vintage] feel. Everything’s a throwback.”

Sugar Bee will open for its first day of business at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 26 during the Bug & Bud Festival in downtown Milford.