Ruth Ann Beideman, as well as her brother and sisters, have stayed close to their hometown of Milford throughout the years, and Beideman said it's the friendships she's developed with her neighbors, as well as the many activities in town, that keeps her love for Milford going strong.

Q: What do you like most about living in your neighborhood?

A: I like the hometown feel, the fact that you still know your neighbors. In so many communities today, you don’t know who lives next door to you. I like the fact that while Milford is growing, it still has that small hometown feel.

Q: What are some fond memories you have about your neighbors?

A: I had one very, very special neighbor of mine – she is now deceased – but she was a widow, I was by myself, and we went many places together. We did a lot of things together, and it was a special, wonderful relationship. She was a neighbor that was there all the time.

[Other neighbors] are there to be supportive if the need arises, like checking on me and making soup for me after my cancer surgery four years ago, plowing my driveway and shoveling my walk. I’m very fortunate I have very good neighbors out here.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to move to Milford?

A: That they’ll find that the Milford community offers support when and if needed, and it offers friendship. It accepts new people. Milford is a welcoming community and offers a variety of things and opportunities − if you’re looking for a church, if you like to bowl or roller skate, parks and rec also offers a lot for people to do and be involved with. For seniors, we have the senior center that provides them with lunches, activities, trips and services. To me, in Milford, people are just offered a good quality of life.

Q: What improvements would you most like to see in your neighborhood?

A: We need some extra transportation because the last taxi we had went out of business and Milford offers no public transportation. In looking to the future, I think we need to look at some more job opportunities for our younger people, and economic development to provide more opportunities locally. A movie theater could be an addition for Milford. Also, Milford could use some local adult classes, such as computer classes, because more and more agencies are requiring the use of a computer to fill out forms and get information.