General admission tickets for Firefly 2014 went on sale at noon today. Young fans on a budget found themselves in a panic, though, as the new payment plan being offered was temporarily unavailable.

The first hour of Firefly 2014 ticket sales found some of the cash-strapped fans banking on this year's payment plan option anxious that they wouldn't be able to reserve tickets as they had hoped.

Firefly's website was experiencing some technical issues, with fans taking to social media to complain that the festival's payment plan system wasn't working properly. At 12:30 p.m., Firefly Music Festival team member Jordan Diehl stated that the payment plan option was unavailable but that they were working to get it live as soon as possible. At that point, she also said that they would not be able to guarantee that the festival would not be sold out by the time the option went live again, recommending that people purchase a regular $299 ticket to guarantee a spot to see this year's lineup.

However, just 30 minutes later, the payment plan option was back up and running.

"We are very excited to offer our guests the opportunity to purchase a four-day pass in four equal payments to make joining up at The Woodlands even easier," said Firefly Customer Service Director Sarah McGrath.

As McGrath said, the payment plan breaks up the total cost of the $299 ticket—which includes four-day access to The Woodlands for a 106-act lineup—into four payments. The initial payment serves as a deposit that reserves a Firefly ticket and will set fans back $74.75 plus ticket fees and shipping and handling costs. Other add-on purchases, like a camping ticket, are also added to the first payment.

Then, on March 15, the second payment is automatically charged to the credit card used for the deposit. Two more $74.45 payments will be automatically charged on April 15 and May 15.

Participation in the payment program serves only as a reservation. Your ticket will not be considered as a purchase until it is paid in full. Additionally, participation will still require some budgeting: Fans must make sure that the $74.75 is available on the monthly renewal date each month. If the payment is declined for any reason, the reservation will be cancelled and all payments made until then will be forfeited.

Festival-goers can enroll in a payment plan until Friday, Feb. 28, subject to ticket availability. There is also a limit of six tickets per customer under the payment plan.

This year's festival will take place from Thursday, June 19 through Sunday, June 22. This year's lineup includes Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, Outkast, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons and Friday's surprise lineup addition, Beck.

In the first two years of the festival, organizers have also offered single-day passes for fans interested in a particular day's lineup. So far, officials are mum on whether that option will be available this year.

"We are not offering one-day passes at this time," said Diehl. "They may be offered near the festival, but only pending availability. The only way to ensure access to Firefly is by buying a four-day wristband through"