A candlelight vigil was held Sunday evening for the 19 dogs euthanized hours before Safe Haven's closing on Nov. 14.

Advocates and volunteers gathered in Bicentennial Park in Milford on Sunday night for a candlelight vigil recognizing the 19 dogs euthanized at the Safe Haven Animal Shelter hours before its doors closed on Nov. 14.

A total of about 12 people attended the vigil, many of whom were Safe Haven volunteers.

"The cold scared a lot of the planned service goers away, but the service still went on," said JD Bennett, shelter animal advocate an co-organizer of the event.

The vigil was organized by JD Bennett and Jessica Duckett, who are also owners of a shelter dog themselves.  Ribbons were created for the service as a special honor, with purple signifying animal cruelty and the black representing for shelter animals.