They don't call them non-profits for nothing. Most are created from the minds of zealots who wish to serve their fellow man.

They don't call them non-profits for nothing. Most are created from the minds of zealots who wish to serve their fellow man.  Many are established by true-believing optimists with no understanding of the business or promotional aspects associated in this environment. ('Why would anyone NOT support my effort', they implore).

Citizens applaud those dedicated to a mission. A classic quote from Teddy Roosevelt comes to mind: "There is no disgrace in failure, only in a failure to try." But oft times an individual's passion is not enough. Now some of these neophytes have a place to turn for advice and support.

Enter Assist & Inspire Delaware for backend support. Founded by lawyer/former State Representative/former NCC Council President/activist Tom Kovach,  AIDe's mission is to provide assistance to inspire new, existing, and struggling organizations overcome their hurdles to provide a greater benefit to our shared communities. By providing assistance, encouragement, and guidance, AiDe will help non-profit organizations and small businesses that provide a hand up to those in need in our community.

Says Kovach, " AiDe provides unity and connections with complementary organizations and the communities they serve. AiDe strives to be an asset by helping to reveal a positive pathway, building connections, and serving as a resource for Delaware non-profits and small businesses".

To these nascent non-profits and small businesses, AIDe will

Provide education regarding programs, resources and services Provide hands on help in creating synergies by introduction to other organization with common purposes and shared goals. Networking and marketing of the organization

Kovach graduated from UD in Chemical Engineering and Psychology and then did an about face and a few years later received his Juris Doctor from Rutgers. (Legal counsel, however, is not available through AIDe.)

Joined at the hip to AIDe is PressDE. Kovach explains "There are many great stories emanating from the work of our non-profit and small business community that may otherwise get overlooked. PressDE is designed to be a resource for upcoming events and announcements from Delaware’s non-profit and small business community."

Kovach not only talks the talk, he walks the walk with his solutions.

He and his staff have created a standardized news template for the non-profit to tell their story. PressDE will take this simplified template and send to their extensive media outlets. The template for story submission will allow for both category and keyword searches, a quick summary, and relevant contact information for members of the media to utilize in direct follow-up with the source of the story.   302.536.9495