A former residential property near Milford's downtown has posed problems for neighbors and the city, attracting squatters until it was boarded up this May.


A former residential property at 12 Causey Avenue near downtown Milford, across the street from Sunoco, has been unoccupied since the end of December, according to police spokesman Lt. Edward Huey. It may also have been used as a daycare called Emmanuel's Kids Corner.

According to the most recent city tax assessment results, the property is still owned by Howard and Tamika Ramsey, but is in the process of foreclosure, said Huey and Milford Code Enforcement Officer C.C. Dennis. The current owners could not be reached for comment.


Huey said that Milford Police have responded to the vacated residence seven times between Jan. 10 and May 16, mostly for trespassing and squatter complaints. A squatter set fire to the property on March 19, and it also suffered multiple burglaries in those months.

The downstairs windows of the property were boarded on May 16 to avoid squatters, damage to the building and ensure the safety of neighbors, Dennis said.


City Manager Richard Carmean said it is a process that may take a year or more before the bank could take ownership of the property in order to make any serious renovations. "The main thing [now] is that the grass stays cut and it's not allowed to be vandalized further," he said.

Carmean said there may be around 35 other abandoned homes in Milford city limits, but this property's visibility and boarded windows make it an eyesore for the town.

"That's something I really don't care to see – boarded up homes – it's just not good," he said. "People with homes in the area have a right to not see their values drop because of a property not being maintained," he said. "I know at one time it was a pretty decent home, and I think it will end up coming back to life in all probability."